Increase Link Popularity to Help Your Website

Link popularity is the total number of links that a search engine has found for your website. The higher amount of links to your Web Site, the higher the link popularity of your page. High link popularity contributes to a high search engine ranking. Which in turn can help your small businesses website get more traffic.Each page on your website can have a different link rating. Now your homepage can have a higher link popularity count than your contact us page. This all depends on how many links you have built to that certain page of your website. Link popularity is measured page by page, not the entire website as one.Link popularity can be difficult if not done properly. Now most search engines believe that the more links coming in to your website from other websites, the more popular and trusted your website must be. They see it as if other websites are linking to this one website (which is yours), your website must be important. Now having great content itself is very important to link building. Keyword relevant rich content helps your website when you are building links.Its very hard to fake link popularity. Even if you could i would not recommend this practice. Some programs/companies out there offer you 1000’s of links for a certain price. Now these programs you want to stay away from. The main reason being, is search engines are not dumb. If you obtain 1000 links over night a red flag is going pop up. By performing this practice you can actually hurt your website or even get banned from search engines. Previous ranking algorithms that took META keywords or similar factors into account have been quickly abused to mislead the search engines.Link popularity is not as important as everyone makes it out to be. You must have a medium across all boards to achieve good SEO results. So by no means start to think that by building tons of links to my website, it will skyrocket me to the top 10 listings in Google. There are many many other factors out there that need to be taken into consideration. However, you cannot get high link popularity by submitting your Web site to thousands of FFA (free for all) link pages. Not all links are considered equal by the search engines. It does matter who links to you and how they link to you. This is also a major mistake many SEO companies make.Not all links are considered equalAs mentioned above, the more Web sites link to your Web site, the higher your link popularity. Good so we are all still on the same page.However, not all links are equal. Some links are more important than others. Links from important Web sites have a greater effect on your link popularity and your search engine rankings.A link from Google_com to your Web site has more importance than a link from a small Web site. A link from a Web site with high link popularity and PR is better than a link from an Web site that has very little or none.It’s also important that the Web site that’s linking to you has a similar topic as your Web site. For example, if you sell cars you don’t want your link on a website that sells jewelery. You want something that is relevant to your website, selling cars. Finally, it’s important how the link to your site looks like. For example, one of your important keywords might be “sell your car fast”.”Sell Your Car Fast” leads to much better search engine rankings than “Sell Car Today Before Its Over.”By the way, many people think that they can increase their link popularity by submitting their Web site address to FFA (free for all) link pages and link farms (Web sites that link to all kind of Web sites). Some of these work some do not. Best thing is to check if your link is going to be on a high PR page and what PR is that site your adding your link to.More and more search engines are recognizing FFA pages and link farms and are pretty much ignoring these pages. Try to find a more trusted link partner instead of doing it the easy way. In the end your site will definitely improve in the search rankings. Guaranteed!In a nut shell:Try to get links from important Web sites with high PR (page rank)Try to get link texts that contain your important keywords (remember the “sell your car fast” anchor text?)Try not to don’t use FFA or link farm pageson’t use services that promise lots of links within days (waste of money and your site could get sand boxed or banned)focus on quality links, not on quantityHere at Web Coast Concepts, Inc. we can do all these things for you. Every one of our packages, whether it being SEO or link building is always affordable and we guarantee results. We want to help the small businesses out there get the online presence there website deserves. Call us now for a FREE consultation 1-800-957-0135

Increase Link Popularity In 3 Easy Steps

Links are the powerhouse of the internet which is why everyone is trying to increase their link popularity. It is well known that the search engines treat a link as almost a vote, a vote that the site you are linking to is good enough to deserve the link! This means that the more links you have then the more popular the search engines think your site is and the better it will be ranked for certain terms.So you may think the best way to get more traffic is to increase your link popularity and you will magically jump up the search engines…. well not quite. You see there are a few more factors, like what does the link say? If someone links to your site with the word ‘Dog training’ as the link, then they are saying that your site is a good dog training site. Now if you have a lot of dog related links to your site then that will increase the link popularity of your site for those terms, but won’t help you with any searches for cats!Another factor is the quality of the sites that link to yours, after all, if a one day old, one page site links to you then that does not mean you are a good site. If a PR 8 10,000 page site that has been around forever links to you that is definitely going to count and increase your link popularity. Another thing to watch for is sites that have been banned or de-indexed by Google or other search engines, if you have a link from one of those sites then you are guilty by association and it may adversely affect your rankings.So now you know what you need to watch for when you increase link popularity for your site, lets now move onto the methods to get those links!Method one – articlesEveryone knows that article marketing works to get traffic to your site, but think about it for a second, each article you submit has a link to your site on it… what a fantastic way to increase link popularity! The best part is that the big article directories are usually high PR, high traffic sites that the search engines love, so the link is a really effective link. This is by far my favourite way to increase link popularity.Method two – askIf you don’t ask, you don’t get… how many times have you heard that one? Well it is true with links! If you want to increase link popularity then you have to actively go out and seek sites that are on the same topic as yours and try and get them to link to you. Linking is a two way process, so don’t expect to get a link to your site without returning the favour.The best way I have found to get someone to link to you, and to link in the way you want, is to email them. Tell them the url of the page where you have already put their link (gesture of good faith) tell them why you like their site and then give them the code they would need to link to your site and ask them to put it on their site. The sneaky thing about this is that you can make the code link to your site with the keyword of your choice! Whereas if they did a straight link they would probably just use the site name. This means you can increase link popularity for certain keywords.Method three – forumsForums are a fantastic medium for advertising (in your signature, not directly!) but that also means they can increase your link popularity by displaying a link to your site. Just include a link to your site in your signature with the appropriate anchor text and when that thread is indexed by the search engine then it will index the link as well. Another great point about forums is that the content is constantly updated, so the search engines love them and they are constantly being indexed.There you have three devastatingly effective methods to increase link popularity – the next step is up to you and is the hardest of all, taking action with your new found knowledge…